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On-Demand Booking, Communication,
and Instant Payment tool to help your Business
manage your professional workforce.

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A suite of software products that can be used independently,
or together as an enterprise platform,
or integrated into your current system

Our powerful applications solve your most pressing pain points in staffing

Here's How It Works


On-Demand Booking, Timecard, and Communication Tool to Manage Your Licensed Workforce

Pain Points:

Back and forth communication among all your workers with multiple missed phone calls and endless waiting for replies.

Can't find that specific worker to fill a shift that demands a certain skill set.

You don't want just anyone to show up! A licensed professional is not just a taxi driver...

Our Solution...

  1. A detailed booking request using advanced filters is sent out to your specified selected group of skilled workers via text/email.
  2. Workers receive a notification of the job request and can instantly accept on their phone. All other workers are notified of the job being filled.
  3. The worker's timecard is easily approved via email or through the platform.

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Give Your Workers the Option to be Paid At the End of Their Shift.

Pain Points:

Paying Early is Expensive! Advancing payroll early is extremely costly for a company and accounting becomes more difficult.

Writing checks out for workers who want their money early is an administrative headache.

Our Solution...

  1. You can recoup the cost of advancing payroll early by setting a convenience fee for those who opt for InstaPay™.
  2. Our timecard approval process in combination with our money transfer system, deposits their pay directly into their bank account or pay card.
  3. Studies have shown that paying daily results in better employee retention (41% reduction in turnover), recruitment (52% faster), and greater employee satisfaction (87%).

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Worker-Facing Credentialing System Allows Interested Candidates to Immediately Apply for the Job Position

Pain Points:

Most credentialing systems rely on the HR department to input the candidate's data manually, costing the company time and money.

Onboarding and credentialing systems currently in the market are extremely expensive!

Hard for clients to have access to an employee's current credentialing packet.

Our Solution...

  1. The credentialing platform is worker-facing, which takes the burden off of the HR department to put in all the candidate's data.
  2. Our credentialing platform is half the price of most credentialing platforms but with double the capability.
  3. The agency's clients can view a worker's credentialing file instantly in the event they need to monitor for compliance.

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Our Products

  • InstaCred

    Online Credentials

    Onboarding process
    is Worker-facing.
    Agency's clients can access
    credentials if necessary for compliance.

  • InstaBooker

    On-Demand Booking

    Focused on booking
    licensed professionals to fill
    shifts that require advanced search filters .

  • InstaPay

    Pay At End of Shift

    Earn additional revenue offering your employees InstaPay through a configurable convenience fee

  • InstaStaff

    All In One Solution

    No need to have three different
    systems for booking, payment and credentialing. InstaStaff™ has all the elements you need to manage your workforce

What Sets InstaStaff Apart

New Stream of Revenue

10-15% Increase In Margin
Convenience fees earned each time the worker elects for InstaPay

More than just a job board

Control Who Receives and Accepts Job Requests
Our booking system puts the control in your hands, so you can choose who takes the shift

Very Accurate and Advanced Filters

Built Specifically For Licensed Professionals
Not just a generic booking app that finds the closest person to fill the shift. Licensed professionals require advanced filters in order to fill complex jobs

Pick and Choose What you need

Each Application is a Stand Alone Product
Do you just need an on-demand booking tool? No problem, just use our InstaBooker™. You can add new applications as needed.

What do workers think about InstaStaff? We surveyed them, and here’s what
we found...

Breakdown of responses:


Said receiving payments at the end of their shift would motivate them to pick up more


Said they wanted to pick up shifts to make extra money


InstaStaff has a Strong Presence
in the Medical Staffing Industry

healthcare staffing focused:

  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Allied Health
  • Home Health Care
  • Physical & Sports Therapists

Can Be White - Labeled for Any Industry

  • Customized view and UI to fit any vertical and mulit-verticals
  • Boosts Your Brand Visibility
  • Maximize efficiency with our booking technology
  • InstaPay will differentiate you in the market
  • Provides Your Brand With a Refined technology Product
  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Give your brand a cutting edge "uber" feel
  • Like Having An In-House Developer for a Fraction of the Cost
  • Time to Market is Drastically Reduced
  • Ready to launch instantly

The Visionary Team Leading The Way

  • Cherie kloss

    founder / ceo
    • Founder & CEO of SnapNurse, a large tech-driven worker agency in the US, which has a base of 3500 workers (ready to onboard the InstaStaff platform), as well as major medical center clients including USPI which has 150 surgical centers in the US. SnapNurse served as a beta for InstaPay™ and InstaStaff™

    • 18 year work history as a Anesthetist (went to Emory University School of Medicine).

    • Entrepreneur with a 10 year history as a TV executive producer with 30 penned network deals.

  • Edwin Marcial

    • Founding CTO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the largest financial markets operator in the world currently valued over 40B and parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

    • #1 on the Trading Technology top 40 Executives on Wall Street in 2014

    • Advisor and investor in several early stage companies including Ionic Security, SwatchPop and Rigor.com.

    • Advises & invests in several startups including CaseFleet, Rigor & Ionic Security

    • Teaches disadvantaged young adults how to code to improve their career outcomes as a board member of the non-profit, Year Up

  • Jeff Richards

    • COO, SnapNurse – an online Nurse Agency connecting workers to Companies via a technology platform.

    • Oversees the onboarding and booking of healthcare staff of SnapNurse.

    • SnapNurse will be the first adopter of InstaStaff.

    • Former Hospital Administrator: Director of Anesthesia Services, Grady Hospital.

  • Kirk Martin

    • CFO, InstaStaff, SnapNurse – manages the accounts of thousands of workers including major hospital clients. Implemented the first “InstaPay” proprietary tech platform for use in contract staffing and in partnership with Stripe.

    • CFO of independent Oil and Gas Company as well as Healthcare industry (Amarillo Heart Group).

  • Josh Clayton

    Legal Council
    • Partner with the law firm Clayton, Mckay & Bailey.

    • Advisor to early stage technology companies as well as mergers and acquiisitions in domestic and international markets.

    • Over 10 years of experience in corporate & security law matters, having represented issuers, investors and financial institutions in numerous capital raising transactions.

  • Eric Carlson

    • Online marketer responsible for 3 of the fastest-growing brands in their spaces (Hunt a Killer, Bombtech Golf, Jin+Ja).

    • Founder of 10x Factory, a Slack (chat app) community with over 1000+ entrepreneurs and growing.

    • Has managed over $100m+ in advertising, generating ROI on budgets as large as $4m/mo via internet, radio, & TV.

  • David Burton

    Lead Engineer
    • Designed Snapnurse and InstaStaff's platform, structuring the first InstaPay platform to create a revenue stream for a business..

    • Director of Web Development at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) for 13 years under Edwin Marcial's direction.

    • Has managed over $100m+ in advertising, generating ROI on budgets as large as $4m/mo via internet, radio, & TV.

  • Prasanna Katta

    Engineer, Architect
    • Director, Enterprise Development at Intercontinental Exchange for 13 years. With ICE when it was a startup; now a $38B company. Worked under Edwin Marcial's direction.

    • Lead Engineer on InstaPay platform and ingtegration with strategic partners (Bullhorn).

  • Radhika Mitter

    Enterprise Infastructure and Release Manager and Project Manager
    • Project Manager at SnapMedTech, Inc. Manages workflow and new feature releases within platforms.

    • 13 years at Intercontinental Exchange as Enterprise Infastructure and Release Manager & Project Manager & Change Control Manager also the Software Program Manager for the integrated websit of ICE and the New York Stock Exchange. .

  • Ryan Sims

    Project Manager
    • Credentialing Manager at SnapNurse where he oversees thousands of worker credentialing packets.

    • Project Manager at InstaStaff and has been actively designing the credentialing screens and design to optimize the functionality and user experience.

    • Leads the InstaStaff education initiative to teach contractors and clients about the platforms.

  • Dion Deloof

    • Advisor to SnapMedTech, Inc with deep indutry experience with Saas software models in the staffing space.

    • Founded and ran a staffing company called Anteo group for 12 years which was bought by Recruit Holdings.

    • Director of European Operations for Allegis Group, the largest privately held staffing in the US at $9B valuation.

    • Currently runs a venture fund for a AI8 Ventures in San Francisco

  • Todd Elsberg

    • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 37 North Capital with notable, high-growth tech investments such as Lyft & Palantir.

    • Chief Operating Officer of RocketSpace, a leading technology campus that included over 150 corporations from around the world and 15 alumni with valuations over $1B including Uber, Spotify, and Kabam.

    • Ran the post M&A Team at Deutsche Post DHL to support the company’s growth from $1.1 billion to $5.7 billion in revenue including 5 acquisitions.

    • Ran strategic business operations at Equinix and helped the company grow to $1.2 billion in revenue including multiple acquisitions in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.