Instant daily pay and booking tool

Earn 3.5% more on each booking by offering your contractors Instant Pay

Demo Video

Here is an example of InstaStaff white labeled into a Nurse booking platform

About Us

Booking Platform


Using a set of selected filters, clients can quickly find the right contractor to fill their empty shift, whether that be one shift, several shifts, or 13-26 weeks. 

InstaPay System


We can also help increase your profit margin with our proprietary payment system by giving your contractors the option to get paid at the end of their shift. By doing so, you can make an additional 3.5% profit margin on each contractor that opts for instant pay.  Our studies have shown that 40% of the contractors with an instant pay option choose to get paid instantly. 

Not just a Job Board


Job boards have been around for years, but no one has integrated them with the PRN/Per Diem on-demand booking platform, and InstaPay at the end of the shift. Instastaff offers an agency a full turn-key technology solution to revolutionize their business model and at a very affordable monthly subscription.

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